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Chapter 15S Lecture and textbook notes. Excellent for studying for the tests and for following the lectures.

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Global Management Studies
GMS 401
Wally Whistance- Smith

Chapter 15 S: Maintenance Maintenance: All activities that maintain facilities and equipment in good working order so that a system can perform as intended. Breakdown maintenance: Reactive approach; dealing with breakdowns or problems when they occur Preventive maintenance: Proactive approach; reducing breakdowns through a program of lubrication, adjustment, cleaning, inspection, and replacement of worn parts. Reasons for keeping equipment running: – Avoid production disruptions – Not add to production costs – Maintain high quality – Avoid missed delivery dates Breakdown Consequences: Production capacity is reduced: Orders are delayed. No production: Overhead continues and cost per unit increases. Quality issues: Product may be damaged. Safety issues: Injury to employees and to customers. Preventive maintenance: Goal is to reduce the incidence of breakdowns or failures in the plant or equipment to avoid the associated costs. Preventive ma
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