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Global Management Studies
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GMS 401
Kirk Bailey

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STUDENT COURSE INFORMATION SHEET GMS401 - Operations Management B Fall 2011 Office: TRS-3-107 Fall 2011:Office Hours: Class Sections: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Tuesdays 2-5, Wednesdays 1-3 E-mail: Phone:(416)979-5000Ext. 6717 kbailey (I check my Ryerson email from home 7 days a week.) PREREQUISITE: GMS/MGT200 AND QMS102 or Direct Entry METHODS OF POSTING GRADES: E-MAIL USAGE & LIMITS: Kindly use email for academic purposes only. COURSE DESCRIPTION:Global Management Studies: Production and operations management are activities that relate to the creation of goods and services through the transformation of inputs into outputs. Topics include what is production and operations management?; productivity, competitiveness, and strategy; quality management, product and service design; process selection; design of work systems; learning curves; inventory management: MRP, JIT; maintenance and reliability; project management; MRP and JIT; maintenance and reliability; quality. This course will provide answers. management: P.E.R.T. and C.P.M. -Student groups are required to visit a manufacturing or service facility, and do a formal presentation to the class covering the course topics investigated during the plant or service tour. COURSE OVERVIEW:What happens inside a firm as they deliver products or services to their customers? This course will provide the answers. COURSE OBJECTIVE : Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: 1. To develop an understanding of the operation of the manufacturing and/or service delivery side of a business enterprise and the interrelationships which must exist in a competitive and dynamic firm. 2. To develop an understanding of the essential nature of Operations Management to students in all majors. 3. To understand why Operations Management is important to all business students for greater success in their future careers. COURSE EVALUATION: Students will receive the results of their first term test work by Tuesday November 9, 2011) latest. Note: Friday November 12, 2011 is the FINAL DATE to officially drop a Fall 2010 undergraduate term course(s) in good academic standing . (This is an excerpt from the official 2011-2012 Ryerson University undergraduate academic calendar.) GMS-401 Operations Management Fall 2011 page 2 THE FINAL GRADE BASIS: Term Value IN DIVIDUAL EVALUATION ITEMS Term Test #1 20% Term Test #2 20% Final Examination 40% GROUP EVALUATION ITEM Plant or Service Tour 20% COURSE TOTAL 100% COURSE EVALUATION NOTES: 1. In order to pass GMS-401, a student MUST obtain a minimum of 40 of the 80 marks allocated to individual evaluation items AND also obtain a MINIMUM of 50% overall. 2. The "Group Evaluation Item" above requires a fair and equal contribution by all members of the presenting group. Groups are required to manage the participation of all group members. The membership of these groups is purely voluntary. Failure to contribute to the group effort may result in student(s) being asked to withdraw from the group. This withdrawal will be at the request of fellow group members. OTHER COURSE NOTES: 1. CALCULATOR: a "scientific" style calculator is required for GMS-401. The calculator cell phones and tablets and laptops may NOT be used during mid-term tests and the final examination. 2.CLOSED BOOK: Term tests and the final examination are "closed book" with the exception of a set of charts and formulae sheets which will be provided for your use. 3. MISSED TERM TESTS AND THE FINAL EXAMINATION : are scored ZERO unless the student provides satisfactory documentation as outlined in Ryerson University academic policies. 4.It is the student's responsibility to learn the course material as outlined by the instructor. 5. HANDOUTS: some materials may be handed-out in class. Such materials are made available ONLY during the specific class. If you cannot attend, arrange for fellow group members to obtain copies for you. Do NOT expect to obtain such items from the instructor afterwards. The only exception will be for a student presenting valid documentation. 6. COURSE MANAGEMENT: Every effort will be made to manage the course as stated; however if changes become necessary, such changes will be announced in class prior to implementation. 7. FACULTY/COURSE SURVEY: may be run at some point during the semester. 8. GMS-401 FINAL EXAMINATION: is CUMULATIVE and covers the materials covered during the entire semester. The FINAL EXAMINATION will consist of approximately 110 questions in a multiple-choice format and will be completed on a computer scored "scanner" sheet.GMS-401 Operations Management Fall 2011 page 3 FURTHER NOTES TO STUDENTS: 1. Missed term work or examinations: Exemption or deferral of a term test or final examination is NOT permitted except for a medical or personal emergency. The instructor MUST be notified by e-mail PRIOR to the test or examination and appropriate documentation submitted. For absences on medical grounds an official medical certificate MUST be provided. This may be downloaded the Ryerson website at 2. Absence from mid-term examinations or tests: The instructor MUST be notified by e-mail BEFORE the test. Documentation MUST be presented at the next class. Depending upon course policy, the instructor may arrange a make-up or re-weigh the course requirements. Such make-up tests are normally written at the Ryerson Access Centre in B12 at 285 Victoria Street. When permitted it is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with the Ryerson Access Centre. The Access Centre will notify the instructor who will arrange to provide a test to the Access Centre for the st
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