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Lecture 5

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Global Management Studies
GMS 522
Helene Moore

GMS 522 GMS 522 Week 5 Chapter 5: The Political and Legal Environments The Political and Legal Environments  Political and legal circumstances in the home country  Political and legal circumstances in the host country  Bilateral and multilateral agreements, treaties, and laws governing relations between host and home countries Sanctions and Embargos  Government actions that distort the free flow of trade goods, services, or ideas for decidedly adversarial and political, rather than strictly economic purposes  Ex: Cuba Export Controls  Many nations use export control systems, designed to deny or at least delay the acquisition of strategically important goods and adversaries  Most make controls the exception, rather than the rule  Other nations consider exports to be an extension of foreign policy Import Controls  In many nations, all import or the imports of particular products through mechanisms including: Tariffs, Voluntary Restraint Agreements and Quota Systems Regulation There are several major areas in which nations attempt to govern the global marketing activities of firms which include:  Boycotts: firms refuse to do business with someone  Antitrust measures: wherein firms are seen as restricting competition  Corruption: occurs when a firm obtains contracts or bribes rather than through competitive bidding and performance Behaviour and
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