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Global Management Studies
GMS 522
Helene Moore

GMS 522 GMS 522 Week 2 Cultural Understanding and Literacy  Marketers must understand what drives consumer behaviour in different markets  Cultural literacy means the marketer has acquired enough detailed knowledge of the culture of a target market to be able to function effectively  Cultural understanding allows marketers to determine when adaptation is necessary and when commonalities allow for regional or global approaches  Understanding culture is critical not only in terms of getting strategies right but also for ensuring that implementation by local operations is effective Culture Defined  Culture is an integrated system of learned behaviour patterns that are distinguishing characteristics of the members of any given society High and Low Context Cultures (HALL)  High context culture: context is at least as important as spoken words (Japan)  Low context culture: most information is contained explicitly in the words (Canada) Elements of Culture  Values and attitudes  Manners and customs  Aesthetics education  Social institutions  Religion  Language  Physical and material Language Capability  Language capability serves four distinct roles in global marketing:  Information gathering and evaluation efforts  Access to local society  Company communications (including communication with channel members)  Extends beyond mechanics to the interpretation of contexts Page 1 GMS 522 Nonverbal Language  Marketers must learn and familiarize themselves with the hidden language of foreign cultures  Five key topics:  Time  Space  Material possessions  Friendship patterns  Business agreements Religion  Religion provides the basis for transcultural similarities under shared beliefs and behaviour  Dominant religions include: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism Material Elements of Culture  Material culture results from technology and is directly related to the way a society organizes its economic activity  Technological advances have probably been the major cause of cultural change in many countries Convergence and Divergence  Simulta
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