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Lecture 2

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 522
Carlyle Farrell

INT MKTG WEEK 2 CULTURE  Integrated system of learned behavior patterns that are distinguishing characteristics of the members of any given society. o Includes everything that a group thinks, says, does, and marks – its customs, languages, and material artifacts.  Transmitted from one generation to the next.  Culture is primarily passed on by the parents to their children but also by: o Social orgs. o Special interest groups o The government o Schools, and o The church  Everyone is uncultured into a particular culture.  Problems may arise when a person uncultured in one culture has to adjust to a different culture, i.e. become acculturated.  Ethnocentricity is the belief that ones own ethnic group or culture is superior to that of others. o Problems: it causes people to view other cultures in terms of their own causing them to overlook important human and environmental differences among others.  Will blind you to opportunities outside your country o Consumer ethnocentricity: immoral to buy a product from another country/culture. I.e. Doing a dis service to your country, taking away jobs from your own people  Cultural Literacy: participation in international marketing requires that managers develop this, detailed knowledge about a culture that allows the manager to function effectively within it.  The elements of culture: multi-dimensional construct o Language  Verbal/non verbal o Religion o Values/attitudes o Manners/customers o Material elements o Aesthetics o Education o Social integration  Language: messages are conveyed by the words spoken and the way in which they are spoken. o Language is important:  Providing access to the local society  Communicating with channel members  Providing a means of interpreting context. o Companies must master the lang. however to avoid communication errors. o Best for the company to use Translation Back Translation to minimize these problems o Non-Verbal Language: body language, gestures, and eye contact.  Aspects of Non verbal Lang:  Time: Flexible in many cultures  Space: Arabs and Latin’s may get a little to close  Material Possessions: Type of suit, watch, car, and phone  Friendship Patterns: Who you know  Business Arrangements: Formal or in formal.  Religion: o Defines the ideals for life o Existence of a
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