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chapter 2

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Global Management Studies
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Jian Guan

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Chapter 2 A Look at the Sources of Ethical Problems in Business and How to Prevent ThemBarriers to Ethical DecisionMakingAPersonal CausesNarrow SelfInterestStunted Moral DevelopmentRationalizationDistancing From ResponsibilityAInterpersonalOrganizational CausesExternal PressureAuthorityTunnel VisionCommunication BreakdownSelf Interest can include Altruistic ActsSelfishness Greed Adam SmithWe are socially dependentSelf OthersHuman InterestAccording to Stigler Smith argues that businesspeople acting in their self interest in the marketplace of commerce and trade would even unwittingly create wealth and economic growth for the political economy in which they operate and thus create wellbeing even for those who do not participate directly in commerce pg 36Human Drives Can Be Expressed As Virtues Positive or Vices NegativePrudence Benevolence JusticeSelfishness Malevolence InjusticeActing in ones own interest does not necessarily exclude considering the interest of othersSelfinterestbecomes a problem when it used to create profits regardless of the impact on othersKohlbergs Six Stages of Moral DevelopmentAccording to this theory different people
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