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chapter 5

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Ryerson University
Global Management Studies
GMS 802
Jian Guan

Chapter 5 Leadership 3 Key Deficiencies in the Study of Leadership 1 We still do not know very much about leadership 2 Leadership still exists in a vacuum separate from ethics 3 Leadership is generally understood using a topdown attribute approach where the monolithic leader proposes plans for followers to executeAmoral LeadershipEffective leaders are capable of attaining organizational objectivesEthics and values play no role in defining effective leadersUnable to distinguish between Adolf Hitler and Mahatma GandhiAmoral Leadership TheoriesGreat man and trait theoriesidentifies the personality traits of leadersPsychodynamic theoriesstudies the leaders and followers motivations for successSituational theoriesdifferent situations demand different styles of leadershipAmoral Leadership Does Not AskIs the desired outcome desirableAre the tools used ethically soundShould followers be apprised as to how the leader is motivating themOn what basis can we distinguish a good leader from a bad leaderValuesBased LeadershipSeeks to understand the values of leaders and followersThe leader displays values ie honesty trustworthiness and respects followers wants and needsIn this way the leader g
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