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Chapter 6

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Global Management Studies
GMS 802
Jian Guan

Chapter 6 Marketing and OperationsCreating a Value Proposition and Delivering on it for CustomersCreating value proposition and delivering on it for customers cuts across the marketing and operations areasMarketing helps clarify the brand and the firms businessOperations provides the means to translate that vision into a product or service that gets into the hands of the customerMarketing with and without ethicsIs fundamentally about the customer and meeting customer needsMarketing without ethicsMarketing with ethicsFocus on customer when there is payoff1Does your value proposition shape your Make as much money as possiblebrand and the value you deliverEverybody markets product like this2What does your marketing say about the kind of firm you are3Do you consider core stakeholders in marketing campaigns and respect the law and basic moral standards4Do you work to make sure your firm has the reputation to be successful over time1Who is Being TargetedSegmentation targeting and positioning STP help managers analyze the market and to specify which customer will be servedManagers need to ask if the way they gather information is respectful to their customers and other stakeholderseg the use of cookies on the InternetIs it Ethical to Target Certain GroupsTargeting lessadvantaged or vulnerable portion of the populationMarketing products to childrenSubprime mortgages being targeted to individuals of lower economic position 1What is being MarketedThe product sh
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