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Lecture 4

GMS 200 Lecture 4: Class 4- GMS

Global Management Studies
Course Code
GMS 200
Horatio Morgan

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GMS200 (Class 4)
What is culture?
Shared set of beliefs, values, and patterns of behavior common to a group of people
Cultural Awareness
What are the two building blocks of cultural awareness?
1. Reasonable sensitivity
2. Self-awareness
What are the three popular dimensions of culture?
1. Spoken language
2. Interpersonal space
3. Time (who sets your appointments, order)
Spoken Language
Low context culture: most communication takes place via the spoken or written word
High context culture: most communication takes place through nonverbal and situational cues
in addition to the written or spoken word
Interpersonal space
Question: “Arabs and Latin Americans tend to prefer closer interpersonal space when
communicating whereas American prefer wider interpersonal space” True
Time Orientation:
Polychronic Culture: Time is used to accomplish many different things at once
Monochronic Culture: People tend to do one thing at a time
Global Managers
Should be:
Comfortable with cultural diversity
Quick to find opportunities in unfamiliar settings
Cultural Misunderstandings: What’s the big Deal?
April 2010: a riot broke out at a Dry-dock World’s facility in Indonesia (Batam) after a
foreign supervisor criticized an Indonesian worker for making a mistake using was
perceived as a racist remark.
Foreigners were barred from holding human resource positions in Indonesian
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