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Lecture 4

GMS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Mobile Network Operator, Globalive, Freedom Mobile

Global Management Studies
Course Code
GMS 200
Omid Jadidi

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Mini-Assignment 1
Chapter 13 Case Study
Globalive Communications Corp.: Winds of Change in the Telecom Industry
1) When scanning the environment, Globalive needs useful information. Use the criteria in
the sectio What is useful iforatio? to idetify information useful for determining
the copay’s decisios.
Answer: The Globalive Company needs useful information in order to make important company
decisions. Those can include things such as:
1) Timely information
2) High quality information
3) Complete information
4) Relevant information
5) Understandable information
If the Globalive company gets information that covers the points mentioned above, then it can
be used to make important company decisions as it will be considered useful information. Some
examples of useful information would be regarding how Gloalie’s opetitors are planning
ahead for possible future promotions, or what part of the telecommunication sector their
competitors mainly control and do not control. Another piece of useful information could be
like a customer report of what they would want to see in future services for them. All this
information is mostly relevant, timely, high quality, possibly complete and understandable. The
reason it will be Timely information is because you will have to look at the records from
previous years of what your competitors have done to secure their control on part of the
telecommunications market and compare it to what you will need to do to try and gain some
ground on your competitors like the big three (Rogers, Bell and Telus). Getting the input of your
customers will be High quality information because you will be getting the input of your valued
customers and it will be something they would want which will be High quality than rather
something mediocre or of poor quality. Most of all, almost all of it will be understandable
because you will use all of it to boost your company and progress further as a company and do
some important decision making.
2) Apply Figure 13.1 to describe the value of information to Globalive. Why does Globalive
need information and how does the information flow?
Answer: Figure 13.1 basically describes the internal and external information needs in
organizations. It has three main points which are: i) Intelligence Information, ii) Internal
Information, and iii) Public Information. These points can be used to describe the value of
information to Globalive, why the company needs information and how the information flows.
When Globalive was first founded in 1998, it took a long term view and disciplined approach to
their business but they always engaged consumers in discussing what type of services they
wanted, which translated into getting Intelligence information as they gathered information
mainly from the external environment. After gathering all that information from consumers,
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