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GMS 200
35) Why global management?
In a recent survey of cEos of forbes 100 largest multinational firms:
- What percente belived that all business makors should take a course In gms? 80%
- What percentage felt that gradutaes experience in foreign languages, international aspects etc outside the home country is important in making hiring decision? 70%
Flat panels tv
- Begins as glass panel manufacturer in s.korea, tawian, and japan
- Then sent to mexico along US border(macquiladora) for combining with other electrical
components shipped from Asia and the US.(macquildora is a free trade zone, where u avoid
the import and export duties with other tax advanatges.
- Other fta is in china known as “Shunjun”, a company there pays no corpoartae tax for first
15 years
- Another fta in dubai as “Zubel Ali
- Then finished Tvs shipped to retails outlets in Canada
- 2 major companies BOeng (USA) and Airbus(France based)
- Boing 777 , fuesale door made in japan, landing gear Singapore, wings Italy, 30% of
manufactiering interms of value happens out US.
- for boeng 777 as high as 65 outside
- Other ex: cellphones, sim, intgereate circuit etc manufacetered other places globally
The changing nature of work(GM)
- Wage leader: Wage formula negotiated with United Auto Workers: 3% plus productivity and
cost of living adjustments.
- Introudcued pensions, helath insurance, joint training funds, work family benfits
- Other firms were forced to match GM rising wages
T The changing nature of work(GM)
- Walmart Largest US employe4r (1.8M people)
- Average wage 30% belwo national average; 50% turnover
- Class action suits for gender discrimintaton and overtime pay
- Resist unionization
- Other firms match Walmart lower wages/benefits (not all)
- Gm Today went through bankruptcy
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