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Lecture 8

GMS 401 Lecture 8: Chapter 8 _ Quality control

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Global Management Studies
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GMS 401
Wally Whistance- Smith

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Chapter 8 Quality control Statistical process control Statistical process control (SPC): A process used to monitor standards, make measurements, and take corrective action as a product or service is being produced Control charts: graphic presentations of process data over time, with predetermined control limits o Constructed in such a way that new data can be quickly compared with past performance data The role of inspection Inspection can involve measurement, tasting, touching, weighing, or testing of the product o Goal = to detect a bad process immediately Inspections are expensive and do not add value to the product Operations managers need to know critical points in the system o 1 when to inspect o 2 where to inspect When and where to inspect Inspections can take place at any of the following points; o At your suppliers plant while supplier is producing o At your facility upon receipt of goods from your supplier o Before costly or irreversible process o During the stepbystep production process o When production or service is complete o Before delivery to your customer o At the point of customer contact Inspection is not a substitute for a robust product produced by well trained employees in a good process Even with 100 inspection, inspectors cannot guarantee perfection o Therefore, good processes, employee empowerment, and source control are better solutions than trying to find defects by inspection o Cannot inspect quality into a product Source inspection This inspection is just doing your job properly o This is called source inspection o Where individual employees check their own work Pokayoke: literally translated, fullproof; it has come to mean a device or technique that ensures the production of a good unit every time (example = the mcdonalds fry scooper which insures the same amount of fries in each serving) o Checklists are another type of pokayoke
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