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Lecture 8

GCM 111 Lecture 8: Halftones, Tints, Screening Part 2

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Ryerson University
Graphic Communications
GCM 111
Jason Nolan

GCM 111: Lec 8 Halftones, Tints, Screening: Part 2 Feb. 9 / 2018 Linework Linework is comprised of only two tones: There are no shades (tints) of colour in linework A linework can only have a value of 100% or 0% Since linework is a solid colour, it is not affected by screen ruling There are no halftone dots in linework because it is solid Linework items do not have any dots or dot structure Linework items are output at the device resolution (e.g. 1200 or 2400 dpi for a platesetter) Digitally created linework items tend to be vector-based and therefore resolution independent Originals scanned as linework are usually 1-bit tiff files at 1200 or 2400 dpi Each pixel has bits in it (e.g. 16 bit, 8 bit) Bits - How many shades of colour a pixel has A 1 bit file can only have solid colours Examples of Linework 100% pantone blue and 100% pantone
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