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Lecture 6

GCM 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Cap Height, Thin Space

Graphic Communications
Course Code
GCM 230
Gillian Mothersill

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Measuring Type (October 23 rd,
-body height (descenders to ascenders with some extra space)
*cap height is smaller than body size*
-cap height/body height = cap height factor
-ex.12pt Garamond Bold with cap height of 8.1pt would be 8.1/12= 0.675
*proportions do NOT need units*
-well designed typefaces have cap height factors of about 70% of the body size
-small caps are the same size as the x-height of a typeface
*round to the nearest tenth*
-letter “M” is the widest letter and has its own space (Em space which is the square
around the body size)
-letter “N” has its own space (En space which is half the font size)
-Em space is perfect for the first line indent
-thin space (quarter of the width of an Em space;used for “I”)
-optimum line length (reading is easy; calculate within handout)
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