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Lecture 2

GCM 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Cap Height, Typography

Graphic Communications
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GCM 230
Gillian Mothersill

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Week 2
Typographic Terminology!
Assembly of characters to convey message to reader (letters, numbers, symbols)!
Assembled using typefaces!
Person who executes typography!
Choose typefaces & arrange letters!
Makes message easy to understand!
-Is typography related to calligraphy!
Typography is for mass production!
Calligraphy is!
Typography base on calligraphy done by monks!
Have little feet on them!
Helps focus eyes!
Most boks, magazines!
-Sans Serif!
Clean, modern!
Advertising, short documents!
Need to add extra space between letters!
Typographic Measurement Systems!
-Generally, refer to WIDTH first, HEIGHT second!
!eg. brochure is 8.5”W by 11”H!
-To avoid errors, ALWAYS specify units of measurement, width & height!
-2.54cm = 1 inch = 72 points = 6 picas = 14 agate lines!
10 inches = 60 picas!
144 points = 2 inches!
3.5 inches = 21 picas!
3.5 inches = 252 points!
-Agates used in newspapers!
-Leading = Amount of space from one baseline to another!
NOT line spacing!
-Usually use picas for width, points for height!
-Historical Definition!
Complete set of characters in a specific design!
-Modern Definition!
Font is group of character in specific design in one size!
-Typeface Font (fonts refer to size)!
-255 characters in apple typeface!
-Glyph = individual character!
-Upper Case & lower case!
Font Family!
-Encompasses all of design!
roman, italic, bold, narrow, condensed, expanded, light, medium, heavy!
-Font = 10 point Palatino Bold!
-Typeface = Palatino!
Typeface Series!
-Same typeface in different sizes (10pt, 11.5pt, 12pt)!
Units of Typographic Measurement!
-Page dimensions = inches x pi!
-Live area (area where things get printed) dimensions!
-Typeface dimensions = points!
-Width of paragraph = measure dimensions = horizontal picas!
-Capheight vs Bodysize!
proportional relationship between cap height vs bodysize