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Lecture 4

GCM 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Word Processor

Graphic Communications
Course Code
GCM 230
Gillian Mothersill

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Week 4
-Ability to distinguish individual letterforms, or letterforms in a word!
-We read in “saccadic bursts”!
-We don’t read individual letters, rather we recognize shape of each word!
-Legibility is responsibility of type designer!
-Modern problems with legibility!
End users who manipulate type!
Digital manipulations available in software problems!
-Legible letterforms can be rendered illegible via poor decisions by graphic designer or page
layout person!
-Ease with which reader can read lengthy bodies of text over sustained period of time!
-Readability is responsibility of graphic designer, book designer, or page layout person!
-Perfectly legible typeface can be rendered unreadable via poor decisions by graphic designer!
White Space!
-Portion of live area of layout where there’s no text or graphic elements!
-Principle of graphic design!
-“Visual breathing room” for viewer!
-Not necessarily “white”!
-Includes margins, gutters, leading, & other spaces on page!
Specifying Type
-Point size (or body size of type)!
-Always measured in points!
-Reference size = Under 9 points!
-Body text = 9 ~ 12 points!
-Subheads, heads, titling = Over 12 points!
-Covers area just above ascender to area just below descender!
Space measured from baseline of one line of type to baseline of following line!
Comes from time when stripes of lead were inserted between metal letters!
Always measured in points (vertical measure)!
NOT to be confused with line spacing, term used for word processing!
-Default Leading!
-Set Solid!
-Negative Leading!
-Practical Leading!
-Classic Leading!
Left aligned (left aligned/ragged right)!
Right aligned (right aligned/ragged left)!
-DO NOT use “Right Justified” or “Left Justified”!
Justified (tied closely to hyphenation decisions in software
12 pt
Palatino Semibold UC&lc
14 pt
[ 34 p
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