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Lecture 2

GRA 216 week 2

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Ryerson University
Graphic Communications
GRA 216
Christopher Smyth

colour correction: taking colour casts out Retouching: wrinkles out of a old man’s eyes Slide 5 10% profit for printing is good Slide 6 RFP: request for proposal  all under strategy Slide 8 SRED: tax break from government for coming up with new ways of doing things 11 one independent and one group project *about Richard branson Strategy Slide 3 PO: purchase order Slide 4 start from, the bottom CS VP VP/direction manufacturing2-3 years of experience  quality --. Not stable Slide 5 operating strategy hardware/software Slide 7 -how much money do we have? Who gets what? -strategy tells you how your getting there and the tactics to get there Slide 8 internal audit: are you doing what you should be doing? -if trying to increase sales by 10-15%, hire sales people -free up resources to do thing Slide 9 -convergent: branding,
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