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Lecture 3

GRA 216 week 3

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Graphic Communications
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GRA 216
Christopher Smyth

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GRA 216 Lecture 2 -willow print posts same position up every year  meaning something is wrong (doesn’t always mean something is wrong though  high turnaround in this case Slide 4 Markup Value added in the distribution -job based costing is 40% -each job is different than the last one Slide 6 Buyouts: Perfect binding Slide 7 General and administrative operating costs is overhead  estimate  how much does this room take for prepress  done in square footage can also do it percentage of overall expense break up the percentages how you allocate the overhead when t comes to jobs -have a good guess of how many jobs you’re getting (need to ensure pricing is market competitive) 100%? Is that accurate? Not reasonable  always have lunch breaks, downtimes… 90% is a lot better will never get 100% effiency competitive strategy: can’t have one without the other -apply it consistently (for overhead .operating costs) -how long is it on press Slide 8 Job order costing  when jobs come in record it -normally assigned on a calendar year Slide 9 -specific job (example: delivery, feeder) -know how long it will take for the job  estimating, talking to people, experience -if people are involved cost goes up -have to accurately determine the direct number of money -benefits are expensive -shift to contract work earn more money as net paying for benefits Slide 10 - handling costs related to transportation -related to specific piece of the job -if cost of transportation goes up, price of paper goes up as well -handing incur costs as resulting of material Slide 11 -indirect material that you’re going to go through that don’t directly relate to the job -materials that don’t relate to the job -depreciation in press from a lot higher than prepress Slide 12 Like a mechanic fixing a muffler on a car  say it takes 6hours  it’s a multiplier -update at quarterly basis Slide 13 if you don’t recover your cost you will lose profit -have to make sure you’re allocating throughout all this -what you use to recover your costs -what would happen if you don’t recover your costs -you’re at a loss instead of making a profit Slide 14 Decision where you would put people Isolate sales from press because sales people would usually ask how the job is going *need to know for exam Slide 15 -temperature and spectro
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