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Lecture 5

GRA 216 week 5

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Graphic Communications
GRA 216
Christopher Smyth

GRA 216 September 30, 2013 LECTURE 4 Slide 3-what is sustainability -sustaining and your ability to produce -make sure theres something left for the future Slide 6-Sustainability & Business: Ability to produce -business exist to make money Slide 7-Sustainability & Business: -Businesses exist to make money -primary driver is profit slide 8-Sustainability & Business: -land bulldozing farm land to make shopping malls -have tons of natural resources in Canada -have to look at full environmental impact slide 9-Sustainability & Business: -has core vale for people and supporting it -free up time to help people in the community -treat suppliers with respect and make sure they are treating their employees community well Slide 10-Sustainability & Business: why? -how many communities give back to raise money for charities -be nice to the planet to move your efforts towards profit -built square carpets from sustainable material -all know what they’re doing -Hemlock print company people are there because they want to be  give back to community Slide 11-Sustainability & Business: why? Core values, and taking care of the resources, people stay and want to work because they want to -doing it because it makes good business sense Slide 13-Paper: the reality Makes more value and business assets -half (3 billion hectares)  sustainable farming can prevent this -have whole farms in south America -tentrees planting trees to prevent erosion for air quality Slide 15 1. Paper that comes from a paper farm 4. Farming can be a destructive process Slide 17 –Paper: certifications FSC -know 0.43 m^3 for midterm  amount you’re allowed to harvest -try making sure that paper comes from a place that’s highly sustainable Slide 18 -need a solution without the governments help Slide 21 -recycled content won’t look against something that’s not example: magazines Slide 22-Paper: agricultural fiber -By forcing high limit, you’re causing more damage to the environment Slide 23 -can get good environmentally-friendly paper Slide 24– Ink: the reality -primary ink is used from oil -think about impact of the volatile organic compounds  has strong odour Slide 25 – Ink: the reality Won’t be on the midterm -differences in inks we use -when you’re buying print you may want to buy from a supplier that’s more environmentally safe -gravure not used as much anymore  expensive and takes longer Slide 26-Ink: the options -Trickier to manufacture with -Increase in operation costs -Can look good on the right kind of paper Slide 27-Agenda Lean- it means getting by with less Slide 28-Lean & Green Manufacturing -anything that’s not providing direct value to the customer, should eliminate  Getting by with less  Be more effective with what you’re using  Eliminate anything that’s not of value to the customer o If you’re not getting paid why are you doing it? Slide 29-Lean & Green Manufacturing -Energy: motion detection lights -Materials: make sure you’re not wasting it -Garbage: how much are you creating? Water- water meter that measures how much water you use -minimize transportation biodiversity where you’re getting your materials from Slide 31-Lean & Green Manufacturing: ENERGY -balance the operations to save energy -Walk through: look around and see what’s going on -Can identify just by walking through an organization -See how much you’re spending on your manufacturing facility How can you reduce it? Slide 32-Lean & Green Manufacturing: ENERGY measure where you’re spending it Slide 33-Lean & Green Manufacturing: ENERGY -LED lighting uses a lot more power and lasts much longer  using motion switches -Environmental imp
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