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GRA 216 week 8

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Graphic Communications
GRA 216
Christopher Smyth

GRA 216 Week 8 October 21, 2013 Slide 1  Don’t schedule less than half a day  Don’t want scheduling systems to be transparent to the client Slide 3- Inventory and warehouse management -not about fulfillment to your customers  Need to know for print  Amazon for example doing really well with free shipping costs over a certain amount of products Slide 4  Just in time: have it on the floor when you need it Slide 6 –Inventory and warehouse management -consignment they will have you to store it for them  have to build it in and know where to store it example: racks and racks of furniture that you have to keep for 6 months for reshoots so you have to make sure you have enough space  Clients will want you to store the prints for them o Have to make sure you have enough space  Can keep spare parts, rags, solvents  Will keep finished signatures padlocked Slide 7 –Inventory and warehouse management -spoilage, if you lost something on the press it would cost you a lot and you have to make sure you have access to the material -shrinkage could be caused by theft -obsolescence logo changes  Lots of rolls on hand for web press  Make sure client is okay with % over or under  Have to have inventory on hand to cover shrinkage  Extra inventory for damaged material Slide 8  Having stuff there prevents you from borrowing stuff Slide 9 –Inventory and warehouse management Something you should know for final -you would be doing amazing if you were doing 10% (profit for print) -how much is disappearing just through carrying cost Slide 10 –Inventory and warehouse management Ordering costs When you’re generating a PO  costs money and you need to minimize that  Storage: pay to store it  Staffing: hire shippers/receivers o Someone who knows where everything is  Forms: need to minimize costs of generating a PO Slide 11 –Inventory and warehouse management -these numbers are based on survey Slide 12 –Inventory and warehouse management Know what’s in the skid and be able to identify it -verification: Is it suitable for use, did you get what you were
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