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GRA 216 week 9

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Graphic Communications
GRA 216
Christopher Smyth

GRA 216 Week 9 Lean Manufacturing and Quality Systems October 28 2013Slide 3 Lean manufacturing and quality systems help you sell more and capacity if your sales increaseWe talk about how much money we make in the industry and how much we actually keep as profitWill give you more capacity if your sales increasePrint industry makes 10Slide 4 Lean manufacturing and quality systems 5 printingactual manufacturingMaking an orderDesigning a jobProducing a jobMaking platesActual manufacturingBind the productDeliver the productSlide 5 Lean manufacturing and quality systems making errors costs moneyCant save without looking at the processSlide 6 Lean manufacturing and quality systems training and support is expensive have to have the philosophy equipment the right material for it why you print in a consultantlook at your process and make a suggestion in to make improvementsthey tell you what you already know they are your escape doorthey use them to blamesecondary benefitneed help doing Not free othero Might need new technology o Might have to update the equipmentTraining and support is underestimated o Is expensiveHave to have place philosophy and people for itMight have to bring in a consultant to help with this o To look at the process and make suggestions for improvement o Convincing people to change their processCan say consultant said soMuch faster change process with outside consultant
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