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GRA 216 week 10

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Graphic Communications
GRA 216
Christopher Smyth

GRA 216 Performance Measurement Week 10 November 4, 2013 Make two professional contacts follow up with email to them early the week of November 25-29  forward Chris with both copies of email do not cc him find out about the technology -like your perspective and would like to watch up with you please let me know if there’s anything you can do Slide 3 –Agenda for today KPI  keep performance indicator  KFI: key financial indicator Slide 4-Operation flows Operation flows Slide 5-Reporting To compare companies with each other  that’s why you do this  Need to do this to compare companies to each other Slide 6-Reporting To improve operations  so you know where you are and when you compare it after 3 months you’ll know where you are  Don’t have much chance of improving it if they don’t know where they are today Slide 7-Common Sized financial reporting  to compare relative amounts  Lowest common denominator to translate between the 2 Slide 8– common sized financial reporting looking for a percentage of revenue  looking at two different organizations  lets you analyze multiple companies with each other -lets you see the relative amounts  Lets you see relevant amounts Slide 9– common sized financial reporting -helps for time periods quarter to quarter you can’t really compare because you may be more busy in the third quarter because you have to finish most of your work by the third quarter  Standard format that lets you compare companies  Can’t always compare from quarter to quarter Slide 10 – common sized financial reporting Always compare benchmark -wont ask you to calculate but will ask what’s important and what it mans  Lets you compare different sizes of companies and quarters  Are you spending too much to produce your material?  Why is it important? Slide 11- why do we need standards -it’s a manufacturing benchmarks -have to keep everything consistent  Manufacturing benchmark  Have to keep costs consistent Slide 12-What is a manufacturing standard? -make ready is standard  shouldn’t take too long  4 colour job should be about 15 minutes Slide 14  Depends on press and job  Speed at which you want to run the machine o Not what vendor recommends Slide 15- What is a manufacturing standard? Things you do for the press makeready and then what you do for the other half of makeready  how long it takes is your standard Slide 16-Methods for establishing print standards -intuition how long it takes -published information is what you pay for -“borrowed” from the competition  have to be careful figure out things through meetings about how they’re doing, what they’re doing  have to be careful of taking material with you -can’t out right as someone for information  Keeping track of how long it takes to do a job  Have to pay for published information  Be careful with what you’ve got when moving through companies  Can’t ask someone outright if that’s what they did at their past company Slide 17  Historical data is good as long as you build it and it is accurate Slide 18- Accuracy and validity of information Is the information being tracked properly, and is the information right  people could hide information because they may be scared to share information that they thing is bad with you -no one is 100% efficient  DMI: loading it in as they go  Is the information being tracked properly o 100% track cards are not accurate  80% more likely Slide 19 – Production reconciliation –“post mortems” -pick your metrics  3 things that people think they need to d
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