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GRA_216 week 11

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Graphic Communications
GRA 216
Christopher Smyth

Always have to deal with maintenance and support -quality is a apart of scope every company can deliver quality but with different integration -human factors in the digital factor older generation isn’t going to understand that  have to educate your peers sometimes EXO=exogenenance No one can deliver on time -the triangle isn’t accurate Guest Speaker – James Ma (Business Analyst & Technical Team Lead) from St. Joseph Content Slide 4  In print some things are routine while others are projects Slide 5  Scope: definite requirements from somebody  PM’s job to manage 2 out of 3 Slide 6  Every company can build same functionality in different ways  Need to educate your peer  Exogenous factors Slide 7  Delivering the project on time and with resources Slide 8  Projects still go bad Slide 9-is there any hope?  - The Standish Group Slide 11 – project management methodologies -are like framework that you can use to complete your project -don’t have to follow it but you can follow it at your own risk  PMs back framework that’s why projects fail o Framework to use to complete a project Slide 12 – SDLC Buzzwords -different project management software’s -left side are old, familiar, and reliable programs -Iterative have to pay for it -Agile  sold as the next generation  but run into the same problems -the new one is lean  List of all the things you need to do 1. What do you need to do? 2. How do you do it? 3. Do it 4. Test it  Use it for tactile projects Side 13- What is waterfall? -sit down and know what to do -you do this until you go to the text phase -sequential execution of something you will have to do -have to test whether you di it right Slide 14 – Waterfall ( in theory) design- sit down and see how you really do it -may have to go back back and redo things and then may have to go back by another step because they may hate the colour
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