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Graphic Communications
GRA 323
Diana Brown

th What is Premedia? (September 5 , 2013) - refers to all “upstream” processes that occur before a job is sent out - output could be:  digital files  film to final plate  printing plates  websites/HTML  CD’s/multimedia - has evolved to “prepress” *premedia- umbrella that prepress sits under because not everything is printed (ex. websites)* - prepress includes processes such as:  typesetting  proofreading  mark up (page layout)  retouching, etc. - premedia offers value to the client’s product *IS NOT DESIGN* Prepress Process- Pre to 1980’s: AD AGENCY/DESIGN STUDIO  SERVICE PROVIDER/TRADE SHOP  PRINTER (design, mock up) (typeset, camera, film stripping) (plate production, printing) - mid 1980’s, everything changed due to first innovations like Macintosh computer and Aldus PageMaker - files replaced film, clients began designing, printers overtook trade shops, etc. Prepress Process- Early DTP: AD AGENCY/DESIGN STUDIO  SERVICE PROVIDER/TRADE SHOP  PRINTER (design
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