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Lecture 6

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Ryerson University
Graphic Communications
GRA 323
Diana Brown

th Preparing Files for Print (October 24 , 2013) - Business cases: 1) Cake mix is wrong= $7 mistake 2) After cake is baked, cake mix is wrong= $24 mistake 3) Prepress operator finds a typo after 30 mins= $25 mistake 4) Prepress operator finds a typo after all covers and text are printed= $ 6250 mistake - failing to plan is a plan to fail - steps for prepress: 1) Job arrives (docket is checked; docket is a physical or virtual summary of job) 2) File analysis and evaluation (preflighting is included) 3) Proofing 4) Client approval 5) Plates - preflighting software is available - top 10 file preparation problems: • Fonts (within a PDF, fonts must be embedded; file must be packaged for an InDesign file; try to find fonts if possible; square brackets around a typeface or highlights indicate the font is missing) • Incomplete or corrupt files (incomplete with missing pages and/or sections; if many versions exist, ensure
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