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Graphic Communications
GRA 323
Diana Brown

Introduction to Colour (November 14 , 2013) - colour is different wavelengths of light - colour reflected, everything else absorbed - lighting conditions impact how we see colour - metamerism (phenomenon where 1 colour looks different in 2 different lighting conditions) - roygbiv (light spectrum) - colour measured in nanometers - light spectrum is 400 to 700nm - additive colour systems: o System of white light o RGB light creates white o Tv’s and monitors work this way o Medium is projected light o CMY are intermediary colours to RGB - subtractive colour system: o System of colour pigments o CMY= K o Mixing 2 colours changes the wavelength to produce a new colour o RGB are intermediary o Absence of colour= black - inks have transparency qualities - Goethe’s colour wheel: o Created by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe o RBY o No
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