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GRA324 Ch.16 Makeready

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Graphic Communications
GRA 324
Chris Kular

Ch.16 Makeready Page 2 Preparing new blankets To determine durability of blankets: 1) Paper textures – Coated paper is smoother than coated paper – Blankets will last longer with less abrasive stocks 2) Ink Coverage – 5% ink coverage will last longer vs. 95% ink coverage 3) Ink tack – Ink too sticky will wear out the blanket faster 4) The impression – Setting too much pressure will wear the blanket out Preparing the dampening system – Follow manufacturer’s orders Preparing the inking system – Ink represents 10% of paper – Pre-scanning: Ink fountain keys are set based on digital files 80% of jobs in the industry use this sequence (KCMY, dark to light) Proper ink/water balance – Need to use 50 sheets for ink/water to balance Making trial impressions and producing the OK to print sheet 1) Prepare the makeready book – 40 sheets + 10 good sheets 2) Clean the plate and print first set of makeready sheets 3) Examine the makeready sheet for position, and/or register the image, quality and color of the print 4) Run subsequence
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