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Lecture 3

GRA 324 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Grammage, Newsprint

Graphic Communications
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GRA 324
Derek Etsy

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Test #7 Basis Weight
Scope and Summary
     The purpose of this instrumentation test is to calculate the nominal basis weight and compare it to the
actual basis weight, as well as the nominal grammage and the actual grammage. The conditions for this
experiment were that each of the five different paper samples-two coated, two uncoated, and one newsprint
were to be stacked in sets of ten, cut into 5”x5” squares and weighed using the scale.
This test is important, as the weight of the paper must be known in order to properly set up a press for a job
during the makeready stage of production. It is also important information for ordering paper, as the paper
must be suitable for a specific job.
Instrument Description
Scout Pro Scale-M/N:SP202 S/N: 7129201984
Westcott Titanium Paper Cutter
Specimen Description
Williamsburg Offset 23x29 84M
Gusto Gloss Offset 20x29 73M
Kromekote Offset 23x35 102M
Earnscliffe Linen Bond 11x17 24M
Newsprint 28x40 78M
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1. Select 2 uncoated, 2 coated, and 1-newsprint paper samples.
2. Cut paper using the paper cutter into 5”x5” squares, you will need 10 Squares for this test.
3. Individually weigh each of the samples on a scale, record your results.
4. Average the results as well as find the range.
5. Using information provided and your results calculate the nominal basis weight and the actual basis weight
6. Using the given formula find the nominal grammage and the actual grammage.
7. Compare the results and calculate the percentage that the paper is under or over weight.
Test #7 – Basis Weight Page 9
Offset Gusto Gloss Earnscliff Newsprint
11.11g 1.44g 1.42g 1.38g 0.69g
21.11g 1.43g 1.44g 1.35g 0.73g
31.13g 1.38g 1.40g 1.33g 0.69g
41.15g 1.37g 1.37g 1.34g 0.73g
51.15g 1.35g 1.38g 1.33g 0.76g
61.11g 1.42g 1.34g 1.33g 0.78g
71.15g 1.37g 1.48g 1.32g 0.72g
81.12g 1.45g 1.39g 1.34g 0.82g
91.10g 1.47g 1.45g 1.35g 0.78g
10 1.16g 1.45g 1.42g 1.35g 0.71g
Average 1.13g 1.41g 1.41g 1.34g      0.74g
Range 0.05 0.12      0.13 0.06 0.13
Nominal Basis
Wt. 59.8 lbs 60.2 lbs 59.8 lbs 24 lbs 30 lbs
Actual Basis
Wt. 44.8 lbs 59.1 lbs 59.1 lbs      22.1 lbs 28.2 lbs
Grammage 88.6 g/m2 89.2 g/m2 88.6 g/m2 90.3 g/m2 48.9g/m2
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