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Graphic Communications
GRA 423
Nathan Plavnick

Premedia QuestionsLecture 1Review 1 What does LCH stand for What does each word mean 2 How do we measure the distancedifference between two colours He might ask some questions about the Ishihara colour test metamerism cones and rods and the colour spectrum that we can seeLecture 2Colour Separation 3 What is colour separation Reproducing image colour to processs colourspot colour prepare for print process 4 What are the CMYK screen values5 How many inches do we have to be away from a print to not be able to see halftone dots 12 6 What 3 things do you need to convert continuous tone images to halftone Input device filters halftone screens 7 What colour does blue drop Blue always own colour 8 What colour does blue holdproduce Complimentary colour yellow 9 What is the grey component of green10Who produced the first digital image through scanning and what year 1957 Russlle Kirsch 11What does PMT mean Photomultiplier tubes 12What scanner uses PMT Rotary Drum 13What does CCD mean Charged Coupled Device 14What scanner uses CCDs Flatbed 15What type of scanner are you most likely going to find in your home Flatbed 16Who produced the first Drum scanner and what year Kodak 1920 17What is the rotational speed of a Drum scanner 1200rpm 18Whats the highest resolution a drum scanner can produce in LPI 1000019Who produced the first flatbed scanner and what year Eikonix 1982 20Which scanner uses 3 channels to capture RGB Flatbed uses 3 colour filters 21What is CMOS Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor 22When were CMOS and CCD invented 1960s70s 23Which sensor includes noise correction CMOS sensor 24What are the three primary types of digital cameras and their megapixel values PointShoot 89MP DSLR up to 12MP Professional 3040MP 25True or False cameras capture the image and the colour separation at a different time 26CMY dark brown 27Where does skeleton black provide black Neutral shadow areas 28Where does full black provide black SH MT HL 29Why do we use colour correction and grey balance slide 30Lecture 3Colour Aim Points 30Which colour gamut is larger CMYK or RGB 31What does Photoshop use to convert RGB to CMYK Look up table LUT 32Whats Photoshops default conversion to CMYK setup A SNAP B SWOP older used for web offset not best for converting images for print C GRACoL 33What is best of the three above to use for high quality SFOS GRAcOL 34What is not a choice in the Custom CMYK profile A Black Ink LimitB Total Ink LimitC Black Generation
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