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Lecture 7

GRA 530 Lecture 7

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Graphic Communications
GRA 530
Abhay Sharma

GRA 530 Lecture 7 October 22, 2013 Side 3 Need a realistic schedule to make the rest of it happen ­heart of project management ­without this you can’t finish on time Slide 4 ­all the work at once is not fun realistic schedule is breaking things down into components Slide 5 Can break down work like the way we can break down the dance into moves (each count is your  work package) ­the project manager is the choreographer ­for music  is breaking down the notes  ▯the individual components that make up the project ­artist ▯ the lines and strokes are the work packages Slide 6 2. work packages = individual components Slide 7 Type of work breakdown structure ­buying food, plating the food ­the ingredients and steps are the work packages Slide 11 What tasks in the work break down structure has to happen before another task happens Example of a sequence constraint” can’t write a presentation until you’ve researched it and know  what you’re talking about  Slide 12 ­example: someone creating a blog post and someone marketing and doing research at the same  time  Slide 13 ­to achieve  ­record accomplishments ▯ otivation to keep going  ▯celebrate milestones when you meet them  Slide 15 ­Start the estimation from the bottom ­figure cost and time to complete the project ­for webinar we don’t have any costs as it’s an intangible product Slide 17 ­Estimating the duration of the task: where the work packages come in  ­if someone isn’t working on anything you put them to work and get the job done faster ­In knowledge environment  ▯doesn’t mean it’s going to be a productive work environment ▯ must   stay focused ­Part time workers may not be as involved so miscommunication can occur -Starting from the individual work package -The more people you put on a task the less time it will take to complete the task -Just because you put more people on a task doesn’t make it more productive -Jumping from one project to another can slow you down Slide 18 1. how much does it cost to get a workforce? 4. bringing someone else on the team, sub­contractor or consultant, or something similar that will  do the work for you Slide 20 ­Steps 3­5 you’re collecting the information from Slide 21 Earliest start date and time you can start at a specific time that won’t go over the deadline ­Float is your procrastination buffer  ▯Calculating the earliest start date­late start date • Early start and early finish o Earliest possible start date and time to start a specific task and earliest possible finish date and time to finish a specific task • Late Start and Late Finish o Latest possible start date and time to start a specific task and latest possible finish date and time to finish a specific task • Float o Early start date – late start date o How much time do you have till you can procrastinate but still finish the project on time Slide 22 ­page 169 figure 7.6 ­breaks down the task id and you have the work breakdown structure ­each task has a number and tells you how long it will take ­0 float means no flexibility  • Step One: Forward Pass o Take all of the information and work through the ordering of tasks to calculate early start and early finish to determine float • Step Two: Backward Pass o Based on all of the tasks and deadline you determine the late start and early finish • Step Three: Calculate Float o Can determine whether there’s flexibility within the project Slide 23 ­have to hit all the milestones to hit the deadline • Zero float has no flexibility • It’s the critical path because you have to finish all task to meet the deadline • Need to meet specific deadlines without any flexibility Slide 25 • Buying Christmas presents on the 24 is considered to be a critical path Slide 26 • Charts developed in the turn of the century o Been around for a while because they work Slide 27
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