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GRA 533 Lecture 3

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Ryerson University
Graphic Communications
GRA 533
Abhay Sharma

GRA 533­ Premedia September 30, 2013 Lecture 4 – Packaging Substrates ­variety of substrates to print on Slide 3­Design and creation ­client designs what they want  ▯send it to design agency,  ▯do a mock up and then send it to print Slide 4­Different types of package ­can put different volumes in EskoArtwork ­can have a live version ▯ can change the simulator In real time Slide 5­ Visualizing your design ­Studio Visualizer ­can use store lighting to visualize how the product will look ­able to angle this ­can see any special finishes and varnish’s, spot colours ­long work flow for packaging • The Esko visualizer doesn’t work in web browser o Only works in a stand-alone app Slide 6 – Agenda ­the print substrates available and the 4 types of printing categories ­corrugated ▯ manufactured and put together ­look at how we select these substrates • 4 major types of substrates are paper, corrugated, laminates, foil • What are the different substrates available? Slide 7 ­paper, paperboard, card, or card stock are different terms for the same material ­paperboard could be bleached from the outside for printing on but the inside isn’t ­fibers align, grain direction is important when considering how the product folds ­consider how the material turns in the press  ▯number of tight turns if its duplex printing  ▯grain direction needs to be in the direction the substrate goes in the press OBA ▯ optical brightening agent: glow when UV light hits it, makes substrate look bluer and  brighter ­calendaring ▯ run through series of roller to give it a nice shine, finish, makes it smooth to print  on ­image on bottom right: uncoated on the right  ▯fibers make it look rough ­paper is so thin that you can see through it so you have to print the back black ▯ how through ­moisture and paper strength is important for beer bottles especially to hold the weight inside ­label stock is a major use, a self adhesive stock  ▯most popular for package print/label printing • Paper and paperboard refers to cardstock that is folded, creased o No real distinction between paper and paperboard  Paperboard is just heavier paper • Super calendaring gives the substrates a gloss, shine, smooth finish • Black backing is used to prevent “show through” • Moisture, paper strength need to be considered to maintain the structural integrity of the board Slide 8 ­corrugated board is popular ­manufacturing process ­flutes are curvy ­light and has air pockets but it’s extremely strong  ­restricts the graphics ­not put halftone or colour processing on the edges ­if you want to print more colours, you will print it separately and stick it onto the corrugated ­will only print a black or white monochrome label ­will do simple graphics ▯ one colour on corrugated  • Material is manufacture • Lot of strength vertically o If you press it in the middle however it will break • Strong along the direction of the flutes • Would laminate or use adhesive on corrugate when printing • Ha
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