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GRA 533 Lecture 1

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Graphic Communications
GRA 533
Abhay Sharma

GRA 533 Lecture 2- Flexograph 101 September 16, 2013 Slide 1 • Can use an intermediate to film, and expose through that • We use direct lasers for flexo plates Slide 2 Flexographic printing and offset printing differences  flexo has raised surface and is wrapped around a cylinder • Digital printing refers to commercial printing • Flexographic printing: raised surface and wrapped around cylinder Slide 3 Major printing processes  done doing offset lithography  in terms of volume  occupies majority of the printing (magazines, books)  however demand is decreasing -gravure not used in Canada too much  national geographic and coffee table books printed using this engraved  done for packaging -inkjet (newish technology) -xerography growing technology  short runs • Offset litho: majority of printing done, in terms of volume o Not the most rapidly growing • Flexo: growing o Increasing demands • Rotogravure: long publications o Ex: National Geographic, coffee table books, and packaging Slide 4 -Inkjet is the future because it’s scalable -inkjet press runs at offset speed -operators don’t pull or cause a draft when ink is hitting paper example textbooks and short run books advanced copies of books • Inkjet printers are running at offset speeds o Paper doesn’t pull or cause a draft when ink is hitting paper • Ex: textbooks and short-run books or even advanced copies of books • Future of our industry because it is scalable Slide 5 –commercial Printing Revenue by Process (US$ Million) -any company that’s doing offset lithography will become instinct -volume is small but rest is still growing • Lithography is a shrinking sector • Volume of other print sectors are small but are still growing Slide 6 –Flexographic printing applications -mostly single colours -can do halftone images mix solid and half tone screens need to break it down into dots -raised surface • Raised lettering for packaging • Lot of the time single, simple colours are used for packaging Slide 7-Basic flexo printing units -Has an ink fountain  notches that fit into the press  put in ink check the viscosity of the ink  can be made thinner or thicker (depends) and put it in the ink fountain  have to change anilox roller to change amount of ink picked up by roller -doctor blade skims off excess ink -it meters/measures the ink picked up -direct printing from plate to substrate • Direct printing from plate to substrate o No blanket • Substrate passes through 4 units • Have to measure height of flexo plate as no further adjustments can be made to the ink (increase/decrease density) Slide 8 –Anilox Roll and Ink Metering -anilox roll that has cells/ pits where the ink is put in  to change the amount of ink to get bigger/ smaller pits you have to change the anilox roller  cells that pick up ink from the ink fountain BCM = billion cubic microns per square inch o How many cells on a roller nw many tiny pits there are on the anilox roller CPI=cells per inch Slide 9 – Flexographic “Raised” printing plate Doctor blade takes of excess ink off the anilox roll before it contacts the printing plate -controls how much ink is conveyed -roll is to measure and meter the ink image goes directly from plate to paper -no blanket -substrate passes through 4 units -total height of raised surface base Floor: hardens and creates floor -floor is the background ▯ have to harden and give it a rigid stability Caliper: total height of raise surface and base Relief: height of raised printed ar
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