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Lecture 5

GRA 633 Lecture 5: GRA633 – Lecture 5

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Ryerson University
Graphic Communications
GRA 633
Abhay Sharma

GRA633 – Lecture 5 - 4 C’s of colour management o a framework of four principles to manage colour with any device  consistency  calibration  characterization  conversion - consistency o most importantly the press must be in a consistent and repeatable condition o all print conditions that must be kept the same for a press to be repeatable o usually there are manufacturer recommendations ro other published standards (ISO, FIRST, SNAP, GRACoL, SWOP) o this includes the mechanics, paper, ink, and prepress o there are test forms and methods for checking for consistency and optimization - p2p target: target to specifically help with calibration Press Colour Management - press variables that affect consistency o mechanics  slur or dot doubling from too much impression squeeze  mottling from too little pressure - paper o same surface characteristics (gloss, absorptivity, weight, thickness) o colour (white point) o OBAs - Press variables that affect consistency o Ink  Ink colourants transparency  Tack (overprinting)  Ink film thickness  Ink/water balance o Prepress  Plates/processing  Colour management policies o All of these variables MUST stay the same to remain consistent - Optimizationg o Ideally all of these variables should be optimized to print the best image quality and colour a press can produce o Includes:  TAC (total area coverage)  Ink film thickness - Calibration o The second of the 4 C’s of colour management o Making sure a press - GRACoL  general requirements and applications for commercial offset lithography o Specifies solid CMYK L*a*b* and recommends calibration methods based on gray balan
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