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Lecture 4

GRA 633 Lecture 4: GRA633 – Lecture 4

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Graphic Communications
GRA 633
Abhay Sharma

GRA633 – Lecture 4 Who is the ICC? - ICC (international colour consortium) - An organization that is dedicated to the open-communication of colour between devices - They started as a group of prepress vendors (Kodak, Apple, Adobe, Agfa, Microsoft) interested in creating a cross-platform, vendor neutral colour management system - based around ICC profiles - ICC profiles link device counts (CMYK, RGB) with a device independent colour space like L*a*b* or XYZ - Colourimetric colour space is a common language for all profiles making it fairly easy to convert between devices o Called the profile connection space (PCS) - A colour management system can convert from device counts to colourimetric values (A2B) through a profile or from colourimetric values to device counts (B2A) o A2b ▯ actual device colour o B2a ▯ profile connection space - ICC profile describe how a colour is made with the specific colourants and conditions of the device - Uses lookup tables (LUTs) to record the links o It is a 3 or 4 dimensional lit of device counts that link with the three- dimensional colourimetric values (L*a*b* or XYZ) - Each LUT is responsible for a one-way link from device counts to colourimetric values or the other way around o A2b – takes in device counts ▯ looks up that value in one half of the table, then spits out L*a*b* value in the other half - profiles don’t really do anything > they are just cables - there are seven distinct types of profiles that are defined by ICC for different purposes o output profiles o input profiles o monitor profiles o device link profiles o n-channel (multi-channel) profiles o abstract profiles o space profiles - output profile o used for printers or other types of output devices (except monitors) o can be either CMYK or RGB device counts o two-way profile contains a2b and b2a LUTs o PCS is usually L*a*b* but can be XYZ - input profile o used for scanners or digital cameras - monitor profiles o used to profile LCD and CRT monitors o RGB device counts only o A two way profile containing a method for translating RGB▯PCS and PSC▯RGB but sometimes does nto contain A2B and B2A LUTs but a mathematical function that describes each RGB channel o PCS is most commonly XYZ but can be L*a*b* - device link profiles
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