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Graphic Communications
GRA 743
Chris Kular

GRA 743 Week 9 Unified Workflow Solutions Approaches to unified workflow:  AGFA has a very digital, colour centered approach with little to no MIS capabilities  Heidelberg has a broad ranging solution that focuses on all areas of production, even press add- ons Kodak Unified Workflow  It was created by merging different technologies from different companies.  Some of the technologies come from companies like Creo, Scitex, RealTime Image, Imation, and many other smaller players.  will have a significant advantage over other players in the North American market o The success of the core infrastructure of Prinergy and MatchPrint technologies  Prinergy is the most widely used premedia workflow in North America today  The Kodak Unified Workflow is broken down into 4 main modules: • Business Worklow • Color • Data • Production 1. Business Workflow  Focuses on the business transactions of the company  Includes two products: • Kodak EMS • Kodak UPFRONT  The goal is to manage the company by collecting, processing, and reporting data through tasks like estimating, inventory management, shipping, and invoicing. Kodak EMS  An MIS-ERP solution Management Information System Enterprise Resource Planning system  A complex system that supports different communicating actives with customers and potential customers in terms of sales, production or financials  Customer relationship management • lead generation • business development • Ordering • production and shipment of goods • payment processing  Sales order management • Centralized access to product info • Pricing, customer info, etc. • Allows job orders/dockets to be generated with less intervention and reduced number of steps  Customer service management • Tools to manage customer inquiries and concerns to speed up response times  Product data management • Centralized storage of process and product history to promote data exchange, integration and communication  Estimating and planning • Estimating, planning and scheduling tools to handle day-to-day production needs and long- range planning  Production management • Create benchmarks and model best-practices for maximum productivity • Tools to enable (empower) workers to make decisions to help optimize production 2. Color  Kodak’s colour module integrates key concepts of colour management,
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