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GRA 743 Lecture Notes - Product Data Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management

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Graphic Communications
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GRA 743
Chris Kular

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GRA 743 Week 9
Unified Workflow Solutions
Approaches to unified workflow:
AGFA has a very digital, colour centered approach with little to no MIS capabilities
Heidelberg has a broad ranging solution that focuses on all areas of production, even press add-
Kodak Unified Workflow
It was created by merging different technologies from different companies.
Some of the technologies come from companies like Creo, Scitex, RealTime Image, Imation, and
many other smaller players.
will have a significant advantage over other players in the North American market
o The success of the core infrastructure of Prinergy and MatchPrint technologies
Prinergy is the most widely used premedia workflow in North America today
The Kodak Unified Workflow is broken down into 4 main modules:
Business Worklow
1. Business Workflow
Focuses on the business transactions of the company
Includes two products:
Kodak EMS
The goal is to manage the company by collecting, processing, and reporting data through tasks like
estimating, inventory management, shipping, and invoicing.
Kodak EMS
An MIS-ERP solution Management Information System
Enterprise Resource Planning system
A complex system that supports different communicating actives with customers and potential
customers in terms of sales, production or financials
Customer relationship management
lead generation
business development
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