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Lecture 12

GRA 743 Lecture 12

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Graphic Communications
GRA 743
Chris Kular

GRA 743 – Week 12 • Unified workflows achieve many different tasks within an organization.  One common trait is that unified workflows should break down silos between key departments within an organization  A key component of unified workflows is workflow efficiency  To do more in less time with less resources  This is more important in today’s economy as we weather a recession, reduced profits, and over saturation.  Unified workflows also create value added service for product differentiation.  The client becomes more involved in the process, making it convenient for them to do business with you.  Unified workflows allow for more accurate cost tracking, process monitoring, and faster response times to problems that arise.  Regardless of vendor, scope, or application, the concept of unified workflow is to make the process of doing business more dynamic, adaptable, and productive. Process Automation  It saves time by automating tasks that would ordinarily take an operator time to do  It also reduces errors caused by human intervention  Unified workflows have many ways to achieve this: • Web portals for job submission, approval, and corrections. • Used in conjunction with upload processing rules ¡E Automatic job tracking, docket creation, and email notification Detailed Job Tracking  With the advancements in MIS and JDF, it is possible to keep track of costs and profits for jobs in ways never before achievable.  With unified workflows, the goal should be to reduce costs that are not directly related to run length.  It will help you identify areas where costs are high and develop strategies to reduce those costs. • Spoilage resulting from excessive make-ready times on press and in the bindery • labour costs for repetitive procedural operations  Print is price sensitive, and buyers tend to lean towards the cheaper bids.  Reducing operational costs can improve profit margins while maintaining competitiveness. Procedural Integration  More commercial printers are diversifying to include digital printing, VDP, and fulfillment into their product offering.  For maximum flexibility • having workflow integration that allows for control and diversification between different product offerings.  Procedural integration attempts to limit the amount of reworki
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