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Lecture 2

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Graphic Communications
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Chris Kular

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GRA 704 – Week 2 Management of Workflow Planning of the workflow of Print Media - Pockets of isolations - Integrated workflow solutions - Analyze, implement, manage - Add value to products and services - If you can’t be profitable, you can’t be in business Process Integration - Coat and time element to everything - Costs that do not rotate to run-length - Prevent downtime and spoilage - Washing just 10 minutes per day = one week per year! Process Variables - Customer expectations - Original images - Lighting conditions - Digital capture - Proofing devices and substrates - Imaging devices, Computer to plate/press - Page layout imposition - Plates - Blankets - Inks / colourants - Paper / substrates - Finishing - Final print environment - Materials - Equipment - Working environment - Operator skills - Communication skills - Customer expectations Data Types in Print Media - Content - Master - Job - Production - Control - Operating and machine - Quality Networking routes of Process Integration - E-business - Job preparation - Machine presetting - Production planning and control - Operating data logging and actual costing - Colour workflow The Art of Process Integration - Why has it failed so often in the past? - What can be done to facilitate future success? - Analyze, implement, and manage workflow solutions Workflow – Process Integration - Profit - People - Productivity - Public Relations - Impact of reprints, spoilage and errors Management of Workflow - Process Integration – A Period of upheaval - Cross-media applications – Web2Print - ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning - MIS – Management Information System - CIM – Computer Integrated Manufacturing - CRM – Customer Re
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