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Lecture 3

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Graphic Communications
GRA 743
Chris Kular

GRA 743 – Week 3 Who is the Expert? • Databases and data management – computer programming and IT Management. • Processes implementation – The people that developed the software – The ones that managed the process. Two main Providers of asset management: – Software Providers (SP’s) – Application Service Providers (ASP’s) Software Providers • Asset management software providers develop asset management solutions (applications) that are sold to users. All hardware and software resides onsite at the user location. – User has direct access to single user programs, or has access through the network and perhaps via web browser interface or client application for server based solutions – The user owns the license to the solution The software solution can be simple to complex in structure. – Companies may use the solution as an internal tool to manage its own assets – Often, companies become an application service provider Software providers offer distinct advantages for the user/buyer: – Strong understanding of programming – Experience handling critical data and assets – Experience managing large volumes of data through multiple sources – Software is in constant state of development (R&D) There are some potential disadvantages for the user as well: – Large start up costs • Hardware, software, installation – Slow start up process • Configuration and testing, learning curves and implementation – Ongoing software upgrades can be costly – Onus for disaster recovery and backup rests on the client, not the software provider ASP
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