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Lecture 3

GRA 743 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Original Equipment Manufacturer, Application Service Provider

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GRA 743
Chris Kular

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GRA 743 Week 3
Who is the Expert?
• Databases and data management
computer programming and IT Management.
• Processes implementation
The people that developed the software
The ones that managed the process.
Two main Providers of asset management:
Software Providers (SP’s)
Application Service Providers (ASP’s)
Software Providers
• Asset management software providers develop asset management solutions (applications)
that are sold to users.
All hardware and software resides onsite at the user location.
User has direct access to single user programs, or has access through the network and
perhaps via web browser interface or client application for server based solutions
The user owns the license to the solution
The software solution can be simple to complex in structure.
Companies may use the solution as an internal tool to manage its own assets
Often, companies become an application service provider
Software providers offer distinct advantages for the user/buyer:
Strong understanding of programming
Experience handling critical data and assets
Experience managing large volumes of data through multiple sources
Software is in constant state of development (R&D)
There are some potential disadvantages for the user as well:
Large start up costs
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