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Lecture 4

GRA 743 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Dublin Core, Japan Electronic Industries Development Association, Dicom

Graphic Communications
Course Code
GRA 743
Chris Kular

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GRA 743 Week 4
What is Metadata?
Metadata is "data about data
A single unit of metadata can be assigned to a single item, or a collection of data including multiple
content items and hierarchical levels.
Metadata can be assigned to an asset in many different ways:
in application programs like Photoshop or Acrobat
in specialty programs like Lightroom or iTunes
in asset management programs like WebNative
Where is Metadata Stored?
When Metadata is applied to an asset, it is usually associated with the asset in one of three ways:
1. It is embedded in the asset
2. It is stored in a file that is linked to the asset
3. It is stored in a database associated with an asset management program
Embedded Metadata
Lives in the asset itself
Can be automatically generated or user defined
Can be any combination of metadata standards (IPTC, EXIF, etc.)
Linked Metadata
Lives in a file associated with the asset
Can contain user defined as well as automatically generated metadata
Popular with Adobe products, and usually XML-based (e.g. XMP)
Database Metadata
Stored by asset management software with database functionality
Can be user defined as well as automatically generated metadata
Can be any type of metadata (IPTC, EXIF, XMP, XML, etc.)
Metadata Formats & Standards
Powerful metadata
ability to be used across platforms and between systems.
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