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Lecture 6

HST 504 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Washington Naval Treaty, Locarno Treaties, Occupation Of The Ruhr

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HST 504
Mike Kasprzak

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HST 504 Week 6
Locarno Treaties
Gustav Stresemann
Dawes Plan
Ruhr Crisis
Washington Naval Treaty
Little Entente
Treaty of Rapallo
Good Neighbour policy
Peace and Restoration: International Relations in the 1920s
- The five peace treaties that constituted the Paris Peace Settlement did create a foundation for
new postwar diplomacy.
- However, although the peacemakers wanted to create anew the entire system, they continued
using methods that had been practiced before 1914.
- They did not resolve all the prewar rivalries and disputes, while the war and postwar treaties only
added new ones.
- Moreover, they did not fully understand the long-term implications of the decisions that they had
made in Paris.
- One thing remained certain: Europe experienced a demotion of status in international relations as
a result of the First World War.
- It had lost economic, political and military ascendancy. However, the realization of that loss had
not been fully accepted, and the Europeans continued to live with the illusion of supremacy.
- The Roaring Twenties were thus marked by conflicting agendas of the Great Powers.
- Germany attempted to dismantle the limitations imposed on her by the Treaty of Versailles
- France was preoccupied with enforcing Versailles’ terms and preventing the re-emergence of a
powerful Germany.
- Britain and the United States wanted to remove their commitments on the continent and focus on
economic expansion.
- Opposing French intransigence, they hoped to gradually remove Versailles’ features, which they
felt prevented Germany from accepting the new political order.
- All remained preoccupied with expanding their empires, stimulating competition especially in East
Asia and the Middle East.
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