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HST 111
Maria Piccioni

The French Revolution number of eventscauses for the eventual outbreak of violencefinancial crisis that originated with Louis XIVdebt Versailles wars nobility failure to pay taxes in 1763 the monarchy under Louis XV 17151774 decided to issue a series of new taxesincluding taxes on the nobilityprovincial parlements of France refused to implement the royal decreeParlement of Paris declared the monarchical decree illegal all controlled by the nobility Louis XV was determined to break the control of the nobilityabolished provincial parlementsnobility refused but more importantly Louis XV died Louis XVI 17741792restored the parlements chose not to tax the nobility this plus monetary aid supplied to the American colonies resulted in an over increasing debt in 1786 Louis XVI chose to introduce a new land taxapplicable to everyone including nobles and clergy 1787 witnessed a meeting of nobles clergy and the monarchynobility and clergy allied to oppose the monarchy and the decree taxes the two groups then demanded more powers in the French governmentthe nobles and clergy argued that Frances constitution was based on custom and tradition and the king could not change this systempart of this system was the ESTATES GENERAL meeting of representatives from all estates which had not met since 1614clergy and nobility believed that a meeting of the Estate General would result in a victory for themselvesLouis agreed to call a meeting of the Estates GeneralMay 1789 each estate was to prepare the calling together of the Estate General signaled that royal absolutism had failed 1789 however proved to be significant for other reasonssocial and political developments that would influence events even before the Estates General met there were indications of conflictthird estaterevealed their discontent in the cahiers de doleances bookslists of grievancescomplaints cahiers were also complied by both the first and second estatesin the cahiers those of the third estate reflected enlightenment ideas philosophes equality of rights share in political power therefore push the constitutional monarch there exists requests for a constitutional government constitutional monarchyvarious liberties speech press etc although the third estate believed that they would be able to voice their concernscomplaints in May 1789 conflicts arose prior to the meeting of the Estate General questions re voting
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