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The Colonial Church

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HST 119
Mima Petrovic

The Colonial Church Key Terms: Conversion, Evangelization, 'Spiritual Conquest',Acculturation, Syncretism -Late 15 Century, reform (Protestant) churches are forming. -Catholicism was the only recognized religion by European powers, esp. Spain. -Acculturation: Native culture was seen as an abomination. Practices such as polygamy were eradicated in favour of European ideals. -A'Just War' was waged on Native culture. -Royal patronage- patronato real -Papal Donation of 1493 -Bull of 1501- Pope gave church tithes to Spain to fund evangelization in the colonies. Chruch tithes were 10% of income. -Bull of 1508- Pope gave the Spanish king the right to choose candidates for colonial church positions. -The monarchy found that they could not control the conquistadors. They were becoming too powerful. The monarchy sent representatives to administer a government and protect the crown's interests. The church joined the colonial world as a political buttress of European values. -Council of the Indies 1524- A'royal and supreme council' to oversee Spanish colonial affairs, including legislative, judicial, financial, commercial, and military. This included matters of the church. -The 'Secular' clergy were clerics not belonging to religious orders, i.e. Parish priests. -The 'Regular' clergy were members of religious orders, this included: -Dominicans (Started arriving in 1524) -Franciscans (1526 and later) -Augustinians (arrive 1533 or later) -Jesuits (Society of Jesus): -arrive in Brazil 1549 -arrive in Peru 1568 -arrive in New Spain 1572 New Spain: Society of Jesus – or Jesuit Order -founded by Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) -The Spiritual Exercises (1535) (published 1541) -1540- Society of Jesus was formally made an order of the Church by the Pope -Three Customary Vows: Poverty, Celibacy, Obedience -
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