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Seminar 2 Notes

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HST 325
Conor Burns

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Mathematics and the Arts (1450 – 1600) • First books to be printed in Europe  about 1448 at Mainz on the Rhine • Set up by Johann Guttenberg  inventor of printing by moveable type • Evolution of printing around the world o Several people had experimented with the idea of printing a book before Guttenberg o People began to believe he was the sole inventor  Period of time where people believed the remarkable effort of any person was only the product of genius that no ordinary person possessed • Technical change  inventions  act of creation • Huge emphasis and wide acceptance on the inventor and their remarkable work • The idea of inventions became regarded as technical progress • Special attention given to inventors of printing, firearms or anything related to navigational tools o Most historians would reject this attitude  although influenced popular work. It’s very negative and now has become a part of our culture to embrace small efforts. • Demand for books  cultural change • Renaissance Period  first emerged the restless, technical inventivenesscharacterized western culture • Europeans were prolific inventors and resourceful adaptors of techniques Renaissance  inventive spirit became self-conscious • Remarkable movement in technological warfare  substantial interest in this field • Two movements in the practical arts o Drawing to scale o Machines • Many inherited information, methods and ideas of former institutions or eras and made new approaches. • New era in material industry; cloth and glassmaking • Italy  Venetians  center of invent
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