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HST 540
Arne Kislenko

* The Internet After Snowden - (Wed, 6:30-8:30pm) ~ Surveillance, Privacy and the Future of Global Communications ENG 103- 245 Church Street password: akhook ------- Components of Intelligence: Human (Humint) - the dark underbelly, a messy business of moral interpretation, it intuitively speaks to humans, people assume we're all each different but humanely, we're all the same to stay alive in a dark way (to survive- we kill, lie), motivated by dark stuff, basic compulsion, religious/political wiring (they believe so much in a philosophical idea), for money, for sex (huge component, humans are vulnerable based on their sense of sexuality) - honeytraps (nickname of women who use their sexuality to get info), humans are more vulnerable to pain/suffering (you will break eventually but whether they speak the truth is questionable). Signals * (Sigint) - non-verbal communication, also without technology, ex. flags on ships, need a coding system, ex. lighthouses (had fire), ex. passenger pigeons (all killed during WW1) used to carry messages, ex. smoke signals (aboriginal, the Vatican). Communications (Comint) - technology-based (telephone, the web), are vulnerable (since made by humans, for humans), anything you build will be guaranteed compromised, the best computers/systems are broken by other humans. Analysis - the most important intelligence by far, all terms up are not important if the way you analyze information is not correct, Ex. 9/11, the conspiracy of Tower 7 - some areas that ran amist, it's virtually impossible to hold secrets for too long (especially with the allure of money) -- the failure of the American agency to properly digest their information, the most simplest answer is usually correct, tens of thousands of info goes into intelligence agencies (sometimes other wackos, public, media). You can have the most authoritative systems (ex. Nazis who ruled the entire state, Soviet Russia but they both failed at analysis which is why they're not with us today). U.S.A is the most wealthiest country in history could not stop a handful of terrorists since their analysis wasn't correct. ---- Themes: - much of the course, is framed by popular culture -- by TV/movies - on what we know/accept. Sometimes fiction leads to facts, establishes reality. 1. Public Acceptance - the creation of th
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