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HST 540 Week 1

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HST 540
Arne Kislenko

WWI Greatest event in modern history  world order imprinted by world war one (Sort of 2) Alliance Partners  Safe haven when confronted with change Germany wasn’t called Germany until 1851. Germany was a country in 1871. World powers- Britain and Germany had the power, what would France and Russia have been thinking? Scary World Powers. Empire Declines  United states fights, becomes the united states Ottoman Empire declines Africa was very hard to make an empire  Junhgles and Deserts o Last frontier of Colonialism  Slow but sure penetration! Spying is not the business for Gentlemen Naval Race 1906-1914 (Or "SCARE") Secrets in the past- Presidential affairs, media kept secrets. In the 19th century, many people (The elite) were convinceed that spyign was beneath them Navies are the projection of one's power and economic right Building navies can easily call an arms race Weltpolitik Anglosaxens are geman tribes HMS Dreadnought If it's hot, you die. If it's cold, you die. Weather is important Britian builds ships… but then so does france and japan German Navy Law (1908)  German building ships  British public panics  government wants to build 8 new ships  Public yells "We want 8 and we won’t wait” William Le Queux Spies of Kaiser (1908)  Was in ritish navy, became a pulp fiction writer o Works published on newsprint that was inferior quality Dime store novels  Listed actual people in the government 5000 spies in England in 1908 British Secret Service  Placate the british public MI 5-domestic, 6-foreign 3-Public relations, Mansfield Cumming (Head MI 6 1909-1923)  Is insane  Afraid of the Sea  Has elite status  No idea how to run an intelligence agency  Well this is the first organized one  Stabbed his (Wooden) leg when meetings went awry  Taken advantage of by younger
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