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Week 1/2 - Christianity and Constantine

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Ryerson University
HST 584
Martin Greig

Week 12 Christianity and ConstantineSeptember12111109 AMChristianityJesusWas a real personFollowed by poor and marginalizedJesus arrested by Romans and condemned to deathEarly Christians blamed Jesus death on the JewsUsed blood guilt to justify prosecuting the JewsMay blood be on us and on our ChildrenJesus returned to life after his crucifixionEarly Christians accepted his teachings and saw him as the incarnation of GodSaulUsed to prosecute early ChristiansHad a conversion experience and became a follower of JesusDedicated his life to converting othersChristianity grew quickly by the 3rd century 10 of the population were C n hristian2627 people in the Roman empire who were most attracted to ChristianityCongregationa group of Christian followers who meet at a specific localeMet up to perform the Eucharist Greek for thanksgiving where bread and wine were transformed into the body and blood of ChristRecounts the last supperLeader of the group clergy would bless bread and wine 2nd centuryEventually divided into ranks patriarchs archbishops bishops priests deaconsPatriarchs usually in major roman cities Rome Alexandria Antioch ConstantinopleBecame important political leadersRoman empire was suspicious and hostile towards Christians because they claimed to possess the truthSome of the e
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