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Lecture 3

Week 3 - Christianity

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HST 584
Martin Greig

Week 3 ChristianitySeptember1611913 AMChristianity expanded quickly in pockets on the mapBy 4th Century Christianity becomes a GrecoRoman cultureChurch fathersSt Ambrose c340397Bishop of MilanEducated in the Roman fashion reading pagan authors Plato Cicero VirgilBelieved that the clergy are superior to the stateClaimed that emperor Theodosius committed a sin by massaquering rebellious citizens in 390 Threatens to excommunicate Theodosius from church This led to Theodosius repenting and returning to churchBeginning of power of clergy over stateSt Jerome c340420Educated in the Roman fashion also enjoyed pagan authorsBecame concerned about clergys power over stateBecame fundamental in legitimizing pagan authors for Christian readersGreatest achievement was the translation of scriptures from Hebrew to Latin This translation would be adopted by Christians as the official translation known as the VulgateSt Augustine c354430Not originally ChristianSearched for a philosophy for many years eventually convertedArgued that spiritual world and physical world are intertwined Came to be a Christian
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