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Lecture 5

Week 5 - Islam

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HST 584
Martin Greig

Week 5 IslamOctober03111113 AM6th CenturyMuhammad c 571 born in MeccaArabs to this point were nomadic and paganCity of Mecca was home to Kaba a temple which housed a meteorite Important religious centreMuhammad was orphaned and raised by his uncleMarried a 40 year old woman Khadija when he was 25 had 3 childrenBecame very prosperousWanted to share his goods with the poor and spent one month out of every year giving to the poor Then he would walk around the KabaAngel Gabriel appeared to him and told him he was a prophet It took him a few years to go public with this Claimed to be delivering the completion of the revelations that other prophets Moses Jesus have startedCore of his message worship Allah care for the poor the orphans and share your wealthCalled his religion Islam meaning submission to Allah Followers came to be known as Muslims meaning those who submitAt first appealed to the poor not so popular with upper classEarly Muslims were prosecuted but Mohammed refused to leave until God told him toWhen God finally told Muhammad to leave Mecca it came the first day on the Muslim calendar This became known as HijraHe moved to Medina where he was welcomed by his followers He eventually became leader of the city His teachings featuredHis teachings were not just about religion but also social justice Submission to Allah requires submission to MuhammadMuhammad created laws to run his religious stateHe instructed his Ummah community of believers to pray five times a dayMuhammad continued to have
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