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Week 8 - Carolingians

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HST 584
Martin Greig

Week 8 CarolingiansOctober1411918 AMRise of Carolingians in 2 waysBookSword warThese people are Franks mostly pagansMerovingians are also FranksMerovech was the leaderConquered Gaul FranceClovis unites all the Frankish tribes togetherIn 486 AD Clovis becomes ruler has to adapt his kingshipImposed taxes on his people Christians became his wealth baseIssued the first written law codeClovis became baptised as a ChristianPeople were upset that he had convertedClovis started to insert himself into church councilsClovis kingdom FranciaRoman equivalent of GaulWhen Clovis dies in 511 he has his kingdom divided upEach of his sons received an allotted portion Austrasia Neustria and BurgundyConstantly foughtFew effective rulers since Clovis eventually taken over by counts ComitesFrancia became more and more dividedThere was even disruption in the Royal householdThe Maior Domus was the most important person in the house more than the King Had great influence on the kingIn Austrasia the Mayor of the Palace was Pepin IIWhile he was Mayor of the Palace he fought a battle in 687 against Neustria and wonHis son took over Charles MartelPepins son defeats the Muslims from coming into the South of France The Battle of ToursThis made Martel more popular styled
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