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Week 9 - The Vikings

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Ryerson University
HST 584
Martin Greig

Week 9 The VikingsOctober31111117 AMThe term vikings means to raidThe term refers to anyone who lived in that periodRomans called the area of Scandanavia ScandiaWerent all one peopleBy 800 there were 3 distinct groupsThe DanesModern denmarkKingdom included all of modern Denmarkand part of Northern Germany and a bit of south SwedenWas the most organizedSweden is the location we know least about they were not a united kingdomNorway was divided into clans or tribes wasnt a united kingdom until about 900The area was hard to farm the further north you wentThey were farmersThe other main activity was fishing or seal and walrus huntingVery good at sailing and ship makingMost trading was a small business there wasnt any large scale tradingUsually done over short distancesSome traders moved outside of ScandanaviaViking Kings taxed the profits of merchantsLast of Western Europe who were pagansHad multiple godsMain God was OdinWas not necessarily goodThor was another important godRepresented strength and weatherFreyr was the god of wealth health and fertilityWrote poetry about war oral cultureDid not have a good understanding of the afterlifeDead warriors went to Valhalla taken there b
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